Writing a blog

Mondays are interesting parts of the week. Some don't get Thursdays, everyone seems to love Saturdays and no one is looking forward to Monday. You either have to go to work, school or see some doctor/bureaucrat which is usually equally unpleasant.

On this particular Monday, however, I decided it's about the time I finally start a blog. I've been thinking about it for a while and also started putting some random write-ups together but never managed to actually do it.

I can quite well see a pattern with thinking for long time before doing for a short moment. Many people do it and there are more reasons why. Some do it because they don't want to fail. There are also people who do understand they'll fail at some point but don't have time to invest in failure, more precisely to what comes after the failure (someone has to clean up the mess). Usually, they are trying to eliminate problems that don't exist yet.

And then there are procrastinators.

Defining failure and thus also success is tricky. That's why I won't try to define it. I'll rather just write. I am not quite sure what. I don't think I would be able to define why as others do. I probably won't build any serious blog readership.

But I'll still do it. Because you know, Mondays are interesting parts of the week ...


The work on this blog (as well as on this blogpost) has started on the 1st of April which is in some parts of the World known as the April Fools' Day. Please keep this fact in mind when judging it.